Love Manifesto

I felt the need to actually write (not just contemplate) this out today. For future reference. For those moments when all other plans, strategies and manifestos are just feeding the confusion until it’s a huge dark and scary tsunami or just a frickin’ brick wall. Maybe you want to write your own love manifesto, because I have a feeling that time and time again we will first go back to all those other clever plans – only to realise that when it comes to terrifying (metaphorical) tsunami waves love is the most solid thing we have.

love manifesto larger version


Mind the window

when the window calls to my eyes I can’t help but go
go to the far end of the sky
go into the mountains and into the wild

this time I take the stale air between us with me
and scatter it across the frozen lake

I navigate through marvellous mazes
where colours keep me high and hopes keep me full

until you touch my knee
and the wind smacks me in the face
as I reluctantly return to this cube
this greyscale landscape
the perfect backdrop
for your disappointed eyes