New year – same blog, same uncertainty

Some of my future posts might sound like ‘advice’ on ‘life’. I want to dedicate this post to stating that as a human being I know nothing and that this is an agonising state to be in and at the same time such a relief and so beautiful. See previous post. For this reason anything I write will be in the pursuit of clarity, knowing full well that words will always only be words. For you and for me.

I am feeling self-conscious because I know how easily this type of writing can become a cliché or even a distraction. We all need different things at different times. Distractions can work wonders.

Starting this new year I need: to see words, to share, to connect – and then to go out and immerse myself so deeply in the uncertainty of life that the only words that stick might be “I know nothing”.

What do you need?



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