You are special

You. You are special to the core. Unique. Ltd edition. Not buy one get one free. Tens of thousands of doors lie before you, masters of depth come up to greet you. Whispers of wisdom, rolls of confessions. Laying out trails for you. Do as they say or pay the price twice. Setting up trials for you. Speaking in then, not now. Debating re there not here. This is your meeting, so don’t ask their questions. Know. Here. Now. I love. I am.


Notes to the mouse I just encountered

I fear that I live in an absolutely wacky fantasy world. Maybe I’m also a little crazy. But if being crazy feels this good, I will crown myself queen of this bubble and abdicate right away. Or I might choose to be a citizen and go about my day. Mayhap drop a postcard to this other place called ‘world’ and contemplate whether it’s for real.