Tick-tock, no wait, don’t move; you’re gone, I knew it.
I’ll just close my eyes and rest on the assumption that you won’t leave me behind.
I mean, you’re the illusion. You thought you had me all tricked up, right?
I’ll see you later.
Scenes faded, words wasted, I love them, where are they? Come out to play.
I never knew illusions could be so real.


Partly cloudy minds

There is fog for sure, whether by the weather or my mind, not sure.
Things have been tagged as important when it (once again) sinks in that all this will fall away. The creator making use of negative space, the design yet to be revealed to those that haven’t (yet) fallen away.
Orbits of questions, encircling nuclei of good intentions, all caught in cobwebs spun under the heading of ‘good advice’.
Just thought I’d touched base when the energy left me, speaking of which, this night brings tomorrow, a pretty good day to resume this enquiry.


We have so much time and so little to see…wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. (speaks Willy Wonka). The vastness and the detail of our world are overwhelming (think I). Today felt like a good day to start this blog. It felt like a good day to start sharing things that come flying through my mind, heart and soul on a daily basis and to appreciate and share the reflections and inspiring ideas which others have shared in the past. So much colour. So much complexity. Love it. Scary.